What’s in the neighborhood

The Portland Hawthorne Guesthouse is in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with a very high Walk Score of 89 (out of a possible 100).

The Guesthouse is just a short walk (less than 5 blocks) from Zell’s Cafe, Riyadh’s Lebanese Restaurant, Thai Spoon, Madison’s Grill, Aqui Mexican Cafe, Tiny’s Coffee, Burgerville, and the Southeast 12th and Hawthorne Food Cart Pod. It’s a slightly longer walk (but still less than 10 blocks) to Sparky’s Pizza, Subway, and ActiveCulture Frozen Yogurt. Many other places to eat — both casual and fine dining — are just a short bus ride or drive up Hawthorne Boulevard.

Safeway, about 18 blocks east of the house at 27th & Hawthorne, is the nearest large grocery store. The recently remodeled Fred Meyer at 39th & Hawthorne offers one-stop shopping for most everything you need. Both Safeway and Fred Meyer have a pharmacy.

A major post office, the East Portland Station, is 6 blocks west of the Guesthouse. There are several ATMs and banks within walking distance.

See the map below for more about what’s in the neighborhood.

Easy access to public transit

The Guesthouse is very close to bus stops for 3 different Tri-Met bus lines: the 14 (Hawthorne) and the 15 (Belmont-Morrison) (which are both Frequent Service lines) and the 70 (12th Avenue). The 70 runs north-south; the 14 and 15 run east-west. The 14 and 15 go downtown; all three lines can take you to a MAX light rail station.

Bus stops for all three bus lines — 14, 15, and 70 — are mere blocks from the Guesthouse. In the map below, each blue icon is a bus stop.

Centrally located

The Guesthouse is in a central location, conveniently close to downtown Portland. See the map below.